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New Connections 

We Live, We Love,
We Serve.


We are learning daily to live seriously about what we believe. Our basic beliefs lead to a God glorifying, Bible certifying, Christ magnifying, Holy Spirit purifying, and congregational unifying mindset and life. In other words, God transforms our lives into His Son’s image.

This can be called a cruciform life.

A life that will take the shape of the faith, hope, and love in Jesus Christ (Gal. 2:20, I Cor. 13:13, Matt. 16:24-28). We do not believe church membership is the end. It is the beginning.

The Gospel dominated life is our hope. Love that redefines it’s mission beyond purely selfish ends.

So when you use our resources expect to find this kind of experience.


Roderick E. Woodie 

  • Ordained

  • 40 Years of Ministry 

  • Married to Sylvia R. Woodie 32 years

  • Two adult children Langston and Mycah



As to divinity, we believe in one God (1 Cor.8:6).


As to the trinity, we believe in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. These three are coequal, in the Godhood, Consubstantial in being, and eternally harmonious in union. 


As to humanity, we believe human beings are made in the image of God (Gen.1:26). All humans have sinned (Rom.3:23). Their image is flawed by sin. Human Death is the result. But Christ restores God’s image in believers (1 Cor.15:49, 1 Jn. 3:2-3). This is one of the believers fundamental graces.


As to charity , we believe all true love comes from God. God is love (1 Jn.4:7-9). Active loving is the mark of salvation.


As to unity, we believe in the universal church that is formed by reconciliation through Jesus' death and resurrection. Jesus is our peace (Eph.2:14). He gives believers peace with each other (Eph.2:15). The Gospel is the divine announcement of peace (Eph.2:17). Access to God comes by the Spirit. This is the core of our new peace.


As to atoning purity, we believe that Jesus purifies sinners by faith in Christ (Acts 15:6-11, Eph.1:7). Christ died for or on behalf of rebellious human beings (Matt. 20:28, 26:28, Isaiah 53:8, 12; Rom. 5:6-8, 2 Cor. 5:14-15). What Christ exchange is at the heart of our Gospel. Jesus supplies his righteousness for our unrighteousness. It is by this atonement Jesus achieved justification. We are made right with God, and accordingly, we have right standing in God’s family as children. 


As to Christianity, we believe our practice goes beyond religion. We practice rituals of prayer, bury our dead with sacred words, unite in marriage that points to Christ and the Church. But we believe our life is being made conformable to the Lord Jesus. We do not follow an idea . We follow a person.


As to study, we believe the Bible is the centerpiece of teaching. It is authoritative for guidance in the way God leads his people (1 Pet.1:24-25,2:1, 2 Tim.3:15-16)


As to eternity, we have new life now (1 Jn.5:11). We are a part of the new creation God is bringing to pass (2Cor.5:17). And therefore, we wait patiently for the New Heaven, and the New Earth (Rev.21:1-4;2 Cor.5:17). And this motivates us to work for a better world in the here and now (Eph.2:8-10, 3:20-21).


As to sovereignty, we believe God rules in all things, and works even suffering and pain into eternal good (Psalms 115:3, Rom.8:18-30). We pray for God’s will because that is what is bringing the world to its proper end (2 Peter 3:11-13)

Our Board Members



Roderick Woodie

ray woodie.jpg

Vice President 

Raymond Woodie, Sr.







Assistant Secretary





Assistant Treasurer




   Maintenance Liaison



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