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A.K.A (Also. Known. As)

Questions are worth:






Risk It- you determine


You’ve seen these initials in TV police shows-they stand for "also known as.”

What do you know about the alternative names of Bible character?

1. What apostle and New Testament author was originally known as Saul?

(Paul) Acts 13:9

2. What fisherman turned apostle was also known as Simon or Cephas?

(Peter) John 1:42

3. What Old Testament prophet once had his name changed to Belteshazzar?

/(Daniel) Daniel 1:7

4. What nickname, meaning “Son of Encouragement,” did the apostles give to Joseph, a Levite from Cyprus?

(Barnabas) Acts 4:36

5. What nickname did Jesus give to the disciple brothers James and John?

(Boanerges, of Sons of Thunder) dMark 3:17


When you see a letter or work in quotation marks in the title of a quiz in Bible quiz, you know that that letter or word will appear in the answer to those quiz questions. Alll of the answers to these questions are men’s names stating withA.

1. What man, brother of Moses, was priest for the nation of Israel?

(Aaron) Exodus 4:14, 28:1

2. What Caesar ordered the census that brought Mary, expecting the baby Jesus, to Betlehem?

(Augustus)Luke 2:1-5

3. What man, with a name like a Roman god, became a powerful preacher of Christ in the early church?

(Apollos) Acts 18:24-26

4. What Old Testament prophet was a shepherd from Tekoa?

(Amos) Amos 1:1

5. What cousin of King Saul served as commander of Saul’s army?

(Abner) 1 Samuel 14:51, 17:55


1. What precious metal covered the ark and its carrying poles?

(Gold) Exodus 25:10-14

2. What leader, shortly before his death, gave orders to place the Book of the Law beside the ark?

(Moses) Deuteronomy 31:24-26

3. Which tribe of Israel had responsibility for moving the ark?

(Levi) Deuteronomy 10:8

4. What enemies of Israel captured the ark in battle?

(the Philistines) 1 Samuel 4:10-11

5. What river stopped flowing when priests carrying the ark reached the water’s edge?

(The Jordan) Joshua 3:15-16



Well, you've completed all four A quizzes and reached the Risk It! Portion of the game/ What do you know about biblical anointing? Consider how much you of your total score on all the A quizzes you want to risk on the on question following. If you answer correctly, you add the amount you risked to your total A quiz score …if you answer incorrectly, you subtract the amount you risked.Have you made your decision? Mark down the amount you're willing to risk, and we’ll reveal the question….

Your Total Score, A Quizzes:


Your Risk It! Amount:


What prophet anointed the young David as Israel’s king to succeed Saul?

(Samuel) 1 Samuel 16:12-13

Your Total core, A Quizzes __________Points

+ or- Your Risk It! Amount__________Points

Running Total_____________Points

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