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Some people loved hi, and some people hated him-but he wasn't even real! What do you know about the supporters and opponents of the false god Baal?

1. What “fleecy” judge was nicknamed “Jerub-Baalll” for tearing down Baal’s altar?

(Gideon) Judges 6:32

2. What prophet of God challenged 450 prophets of Baal to see whose god would answer by fire?

(Elijah) 1 Kings 18:22-24

3. What leader’s death preceded the Israelites' descent into Baal worship?

(Joshua) Judges 2:8-11

4. What evil woman led Israel’s King Ahab, her husband, into Baal worship?

(Jezebel) 1Kings 16:29-31

5. What king of Israel claimed to worship Baal, only to destroy the priests of Baal?

(Jehu) 2 Kings 10: 18-19


Sure, your mom knew you were coming months before you were born…but what about those Bible babies predicted long before they were even conceived? Tell us what you remember about these special births.

1. What strongman’s birth was foretold to his father, Manoah?

(Samson) Judges 13:2-3,24

2. What angel announced the birth of Jesus to His mother, Mary?

(Gabriel) Luke 1:26-31

3. What son’s birth was foretold to his ninety-nine year-old father, Abraham?

(Isaac)Genesis 18:10-11,21:1-5

4. What “wild donkey of a man’s birth was foretold to his mother, Hagar?

(Ishmael) Genesis 16:7-12

5. What boy, destined to become king at age eight, had his birth foretold by a man of God to the wickedmKing Jeroboam?

(Josiah) 1 Kings 13:1-2


Those quotation marks tell you that all of the answers to these questions will start with the letter B. Are you ready? “B” alert now…

1. Where did God confuse the language of prideful people trying to build a tower to heaven?

(Babel) Genesis 11:1-9

2. What product were the Israelites, as slaves of Egypt, forced to make?

(Bricks) Exodus 5:4-8

3. What greedy prophet was saved from death by a talking donkey?

( Balaam( Numbers 22:21-33

4. What physical condition of Elisha was once mocked by young people-leading to their mauling by bears?

(Baldness) 2 Kings 2:23-24

5. What powerful creature, described in the book of Job, has a tail that “sways like a cedar”?

(Behemoth) Job 40:15-24


All right….you’ve navigated the B quizzes and it’s time for another Risk It! Question. How much do you know about Barnabas? Consider how much of your total score on the B quizzes you want tp risk on the one question following.. If you answer correctly, you add the amount you risked to your total B quiz score…if you answer incorrectly, you subtract the amount you risked. Ready to decide? Jot down the amount you're willing to risk, and we'll unveil the question….

Your Total Score, B Quizzes


Your Risk It! Amount


What cousin of Barnabas, who temporarily deserted the ministry, caused a falling out between Barnabas and the apostle Paul?

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